My Santa Clara Water Heater Isn’t Running the Way It Should

Why not get it checked out?

Maybe you want a new one – get an estimate.

Get Your South Bay Water Heater Checked Out and Repaired

A water heater does not last indefinitely. It will require routine service or it will need replacing sooner or later.

A quick check up will tell you what condition yours is in.

Go Over Your Situation With a Local Professional for Some Good Advice

You could have a feeling about whether your system needs to be replaced, or if it can just be fixed, but your tech can let you know for sure.

A Fast Inspection – Free Estimate – Reliable Results

Most local installers can have a brand new system installed in about three hours. They’ll empty and unplug your old system, hook up your new one, fill it and test the new one, clean everything up and haul the old one to the recycling area.

Most repair jobs require less time.

If your water is only cold, or there is a small stream of water coming from your tank, a visit can usually get set up pretty soon.

NorCal Homeowners Sometimes Call for These Reasons

  • It’s making lots of popping noises
  • It has water leaking from it
  • It does not make the water hot enough
  • It makes rust colored water
  • It turns on and goes off too quickly

A conventional tank water heater features a heating element (usually electric or natural gas) and a big insulated tank to maintain the heated water until it is wanted.

A tank that has a leak will usually need to be replaced.

If the leak is at a pipe or plumbing connection, that could be repairable, but not a leak from the tank itself.

Most other situations can be repaired.

Components like the thermostat controls, heating elements, natural gas valve, or the anticorrosion anode rod inside the tank can usually get swapped out and the system is working again.

Accumulation of small amounts of particles and sediment in water can accumulate close to the bottom of the tank and cause unbalanced heating and premature wear on the tank.

Price of a New Water Heater in Santa Clara

The charge for replacing your entire water heating system is set before the work is begun.

Prices vary based on which manufacturer and style you get.

Some better models have longer warranties, and some manufacturers simply build a better product than some others do.

You can receive some tips and an estimate on a replacement over the phone.

If your system needs fixing, getting a quote on the phone is tough without physically looking at your system and diagnosing the issue.

Making a Choice to Replace a Water Heating System

About 25% of your house’s gas or electric budget is caused by your water heating system.

Having a modern type of water heater helps out in three ways.

  • It will produce more continuous hot water
  • It provides value for the cost when it can last longer than the lowest priced model will
  • It can help reduce utility bills by functioning less

Homeowners or Business Owners

A local expert will pay a visit to just about any business or homeowner property around north Santa Clara County.

Most techs will work on any kind of water heating unit, including gas, electric, propane, tankless or perhaps solar.

Your technician can carry out repairs and do maintenance on systems that are still in reasonable operating condition.

There will come a moment when an old system needs to be replaced.

Which Makers Will I Be Able to Select From?

A handful of the most popular brands include American Standard, A.O. Smith, Bradford White, Bosch, General Electric, Giant Factories, Niagra Industries, Reliance Water Heater Company, Rheem-Ruud Corporation, Rinnai (tankless), Kenmore, State Water Heaters and Stiebel Eltron.

Most property owners around will be able to choose whichever manufacturer and model they want.

Replacing a Water Heating System – the Procedure

Your system installation professional will handle the whole operation.

Your replacement expert will obtain your new heater, prepare any needed paperwork or city permit, deliver it to your property, disconnect your old unit and put it in the truck, hook up your new one and make sure it’s functioning perfectly.

When the project is completed, you’re going to have a new, quiet appliance generating hot water and maybe your monthly gas or electric bill will drop a bit too.

Arrange an Appointment in Your CA Neighborhood

A water heating system doesn’t last forever. So when yours isn’t running right, just get it checked out and fixed.

Call for a quote or schedule an appointment to have a technician drop by your home in the areas from Santa Clara University west to Sunnyvale.

Jot down the maker and model number of your current water heater, plus the serial number if you can notice it, then grab the phone.


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